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The World‘s best Coach of the 21st Century

The roles of a national coach and a club coach are very different and their interests often contrary. For this reason the IFFHS has carried out separate annual world votings from the start. The experience of about a decade has shown that this is the most appropriate approach. However, it is not unusual for the best club coaches to become national coaches. And not rare a coach takes over after his job as national coach again the function of a club coach. So it is logically, for the purposes of a world ranking it is sensible to unite the two categories of coaches; this also allows for an examination over a longer period [the equivalent of coach in Great Britain is the manager].

Establishing The World‘s best Coach of the 21st Century can only on be done on the basis of the annual world vote (by IFFHS). Each year jurors from different many countries have taken part in the vote and, in addition, the jurors in the early years voted for the top three places (3 points to 1 point), and later for the top four places (4 points to 1 point).  So it would not be possible to simply add the points awarded in the annual votes.

The IFFHS has devised an equitable method for establishing the The World‘s best Coach of the 21st Century. From the annual two world rankings of the coaches (a result of the world votings) the IFFHS will take into consideration the “Top 20” for each year and allocate points to each place. So the first-placed receives 20 points, the second-placed 19 points, the third-placed 18 points … and a point for twentieth place. If the annual world ranking comprises more than 20 coaches, then the coaches from 21st place onwards receive no points. If the annual world ranking comprises fewer than 20 coaches (based on the fixed rules), no points will be awarded for the unoccupied places.

From the addition of the points received in the single years in both coach categories produces the world ranking list of the 21st century, which widens of a year every year in January. Each first-placed coach of this world ranking list is the leading World’s best Coach of the 21st Century to date.

100. Paulo Autuori de Mello Brasil 14

Ivan Jovanović



Luis Fernando Montoya Colombia 14

Paulo Jorge Gomes Bento Portugal 14